Hotel Bosch & Zee

Our well-equiped three star hotel is situated right at the dunes and just a minutes walk away from the cosy main street and wide sandy beaches of Domburg.

We offer a wide variety of roomtypes and the comprehensive breakfast buffet is included in your stay. On the top floors of the hotel a sea view can be enjoyed.


With us you have the possibility to book a beach cabin during your stay. Enjoy the convenience of your own private cabin on the beach.

At the reception you have the possibility to rent well-equipped bicycles, for a day or for your entire stay. You can also book this online.

This hotel has a spacious elevator. Please note that the top floor (Hotel In den Brouwery Kat. F and Hotel Bosch en Zee single rooms of both room types) is not accessible by elevator and you still have to cross a few steps for some rooms. So always let us know in advance when you have difficulty walking.

This accommodation offers free-of-charge WiFi internet.

Breakfast buffet is in most cases included in your booking, unless you book a different package when booking. Enjoy our extensive and highly appreciated breakfast buffet from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Dogs are very welcome. We allow max. 1 dog per room or house.

Please note that dogs in your accommodation are not allowed in rooms with carpets and on furniture pieces. In holiday homes these are of course also not allowed in the bedrooms. If during cleaning we find that these rules are being violated, you may be charged extra cleaning costs. We appreciate it if you follow these rules and keep the rented accommodation tidy for yourself and other guests.

Allergy? Do you want a room, house or studio where pets are not allowed? Please also request this from us in advance.

In this hotel, we have done everything to arrange the building so that your stay leaves the lowest possible footprint.

The hotel is very accessible for the disabled, four of the five floors can be reached by elevator, here all rooms can be reached on one level. Almost all spacious rooms are suitable for wheelchairs. Only in the bathrooms do we use washbasin furniture that cannot accommodate a wheelchair.

This hotel has 16 (narrow) parking spaces in the parking basement. You reserve this directly during your booking

In this accommodation we work with a social program, whereby we give people with a disadvantage on the labor market a chance by having them go through a learning trajectory under supervision to be able to function independently within a hotel company.

Specifically during the breakfast shift we let these employees grow in their work. The ultimate goal is that you will not notice this, after all, that means that our colleague has grown in his or her functioning. Sometimes there is something to notice or you have a lesser experience with this colleague. We ask you to deal with this calmly and respectfully and to report this to the reception service, which is present in the afternoon, so that we can actively manage this.

On behalf of us and the program participants, thank you very much for your help and understanding. Together we also create a pleasant working environment for these people where they can fully develop themselves in their own way!