Domburg offers you more than only sun and beach!


The perfect family beach resort

Once you discover Domburg you'll keep coming back. The seaside resort has an unresistable attraction on all generations. This resembles Domburg in the tourist season, a mix of both young and older. Most families keep coming back year after year.

Is one so attracted by the clean sea air? The pitoresque city centre with lots of sunny terracces and restaurants? Or is the quality and the hospitality of the people of Domburg whe the seaside resort is know for? Discover yourselves why you will get devoded to Domburg! 

History of Domburg

Domburg is the oldes seaside resort of the Dutch province of Zeeland, already since 1834 people take baths in the sea for their well-being. In the old times people came for the supposed healing powers of the seawater and one would take a bath in the sea with a (horse)carriage.

Around 1900, thanks to the arrival of Dr. Metzger (world's first physiotherapist), European royalty and nobiity came to Domburg for healing baths. Names worth mentioning are Queen Elisabeth of Romania and the Russian Tsjar's family. The came for the healing powers of the salt sea water and the treatment by Dr. Metzger.

Following the royalty and nobility a lot of painters came to Domburg. Domburg was an ideal place for inspiration and due to the presence of nobility and the market for selling their paintings was close by. Did you know that Piet Mondriaan started his impressionistic style, for which years later in New York he would become famous, in Domburg?

The modern Domburg

During the last 20 years a lot of Domburgs former glory has been regained. Everywhere you will find architectural masterpieces. For the modern tourist everyhing can be found in Domburg, from hotels in al qualifications, a subtropical swimmingpool, a sociable shoppingstreet with terracces, restaurants and even free Wifi internet.

The biggest tourist attraction if the wide sandy beach. Right in front of the village you wil find miles of clean sandy beach charactirised by the wooden wave breakers, called "paalhoofden" (pole heads). On the main beaches beach cabins are for rent, you will find wooden walking ways and are the beaches guarded by lifeguards. For a small drink and bite you can head to one of je beach pavillions.

Domburg also offers a lot for the active tourist. Direct next to the village you will find nature area "de Manteling" (the cover) with its characteristic wind shaped trees. The peninsula of Walcheren offers you miles of bicycle paths suitable for both short and long trips. A day out to the pitoresk town of Veere is also the be advised.

Never been to Domburg? Pick a suitable accommodation and discover yourselves!